Digital Pet X-Ray

Rapid and Precise Diagnostics for Your Pet’s Well-being

Digital Pet X-Ray

Rapid and Precise Diagnostics for Your Pet’s Well-being

At Fox Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your pet’s well-being often hinges on the power of prompt and precise diagnostics. Our digital pet X-rays offer an efficient, non-invasive means to peer into your pet’s internal health, providing a swift and accurate diagnosis.

Digital Pet X-Rays:
An Insightful Approach

Your pet’s health is our top concern, and understanding their condition is vital to getting them the treatment they need. Our digital radiograph services enable us to visualize what your pet can’t express and determine the best course of action for their care.

A Window into Health

Ultrasound utilizes sound waves to peer into your pet’s body, aiding in diagnosing heart disease, liver issues, tumors, and a range of internal conditions. Ultrasound-guided needle biopsies can also be conducted for accurate assessments.

Benefits of Digital Pet X-Rays

Quick and Safe Procedure:

Our digital pet X-rays are a swift and safe process, eliminating the need for anesthesia and minimizing stress for your pet.

Immediate Imaging:

Digital radiographs yield results instantly, eradicating the wait time associated with traditional film development.

Streamlined Diagnosis:

Precise digital images empower our staff to quickly devise an accurate treatment plan.

Comprehensive Imaging:

We offer digital dental X-ray services to provide comprehensive and high-quality pet dental care.

Specialized Referrals:

For advanced cases, we collaborate with board-certified radiologists through digital communication, ensuring the highest level of expertise.

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At Fox Veterinary Hospital, we’re dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective diagnostic tools for your pet’s health. Contact us to schedule a consultation or learn more about the exceptional advantages of our digital pet X-ray services. Your pet’s health is our focus, and our technology ensures they receive the precise care they deserve.

Fox Veterinary Hospital offers quick and precise digital pet X-rays, including dental X-ray services for cats and dogs in Elyria, Oberlin, Lagrange, Grafton, North Ridgeville, and the surrounding areas. Call today to experience what our advanced diagnostic technology can do for your pet!